[ExI] Mind is birthless?

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sun Dec 23 18:45:44 UTC 2007

> This thought came today from some Buddhist's 
> wisdom that mind is birthless.

"Newly acquired insights are at first only 
half understood by the one who begets them, 
and appear as complete nonsense to all others ..."
said Niels Bohr (who was also a Taoist [1])

> If mind is connected with a finite brain 
> how can it be birthless? A birthless idea 
> is tied to deathlessness for a thought without 
> being born cannot die.;>)
> However brain matter is a form of energy 
> and since energy is neither created nor destroyed 
> it makes sense that a mind when connected with
> brain as a microspace of quantum interactions, 
> these quantum interactions are birthless.; >)

Bohr also declared: "Any new idea which does not 
appear very strange at the outset, does not have 
a chance of being a vital discovery."

Actually, R. Jozsa wrote something here 
about the permanence (no birth, no cloning,
no death, no deleting) of quantum states,
and about the subtle relations between quantum
states and quantum informations (eventually carried
by those states) 

For 'very strange at the outset' connections between
quantish matters and human minds try Andrei Khrennikov

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