[ExI] Where is consciousness located?

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sun Dec 23 20:35:54 UTC 2007

<citta437 at aol.com> Wrote:

> The questions where or how or why in connection with
> consciousness can be stated but the answer raises
>more questions

No, you are quite wrong, the question can not be stated. People want an
explanation for consciousness, that is the want to start with something
familiar and proceed with a series of understandable steps until they reach
the idea of consciousness. In other words they want a process, but they
specifically say consciousness is not a process. So they try to dream up a
process to produce something that can not be produced by a process
and the results are not pretty.

The other problem is the last step. No matter how long the series is when I
say "so that produces X and X makes consciousness" they will say "but X is
not Qualia". There is no conceivable answer that would satisfy them, so
that is a pretty good indication the question is meaningless.
It's no wonder this topic generates so much intellectual sounding gibberish.

 John K Clark

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