[ExI] Where is Consciousness located?

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Tue Dec 25 06:20:48 UTC 2007

"Brent Allsop" <brent.allsop at comcast.net>

> So is what you and Lee agree on, that intelligence is impossible without

I'll let Lee speak for himself but that is what I believe.

> Is what you believe anything like any of the theories already in the
> Canonizer?

I doubt it, very few people agree with me. I'm right nevertheless.

> the theory is, that something has both causal properties and phenomenal
> properties.

That is not a theory that is a fact known to me by direct experience, and
that outranks even the scientific method, but unfortunately it only works
with my phenomenal properties not yours.

> We can objectively detect or "see" them through their cause and effect
> behavior

But you can "see" these properties only through the eyes of a theory, a
theory you will never be able to prove or disprove; and that is exactly why
consciousness theories (but not intelligence theories!) are so easy to dream
up, any theory will do.

> It would sure help everyone, if you guys could come up with a concise
> statement describing just what it is the two of you believe

I must have posted several megabytes on this subject, but if you want a
bumper sticker I suppose it would be "THE SOUL IS INFORMATION"
or maybe "I AM NOT A NOUN".

 John K Clark

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