[ExI] A paranormal prediction for the next year

scerir scerir at libero.it
Thu Dec 27 21:46:53 UTC 2007

From: "spike"
> Sometimes words just translate funny
> across cultures and languages.

There is a collection of beautiful/funny
words, in the German link below.

'Yakamoz' = 'the reflection of the moon in water',
from Turkey, ranked #1

The Italian 'Jella' = bad luck
of course ranked #17
(#17 means 'bad luck' in Italy:
a paranormal thing?)

The Arabisch 'Donia' seems to be interesting
and ranked very high, but I do not know
its meaning: 'welt, leben' (world?, love?)

An 'inuit' friend told me that 'Nuannaarpoq'
(not in that collection) should mean
'taking an inordinate [or extravagant] pleasure
in being alive'. Pleasure?


'The most beautiful ABC of the world'

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