[ExI] Re-framing Innovation re Consciousness

nvitamore at austin.rr.com nvitamore at austin.rr.com
Fri Dec 28 22:43:25 UTC 2007

How would you reframe the concept of innovation in its relationship to
progress and change within the context of perception and its transformation?

Would you:

1. reframing role of risk
    a.  for catalytic action to push through boundaries of risk
    b.  for catalytic action to maintain and further boundaries of risk

2. reframing innovation recreate the familiar
    a.  for cognitive absorption of information/knowledge
    b.  for enhanced connectivity of people to view familiar ideas as a
connective intelligence

3.  reframing innovation to shake up creative activity that stems from
everyday behavior of regular/normal activities
    a.  creating a consumer culture for progress-based consciousness
    b.  creating a consumer culture of perception which leads to

4.  reframing conceptual innovation to see, feel and experience more
    a.  creating conceptual experiences to provide richer experiences
    b.  creating conceputal experiences to satisfy needs for the purpose of
an emotional calming


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