[ExI] Asteroid on track for possible (probability of 1:25) Mars hit

Ian Goddard iamgoddard at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 04:14:10 UTC 2007

Gary Miller wrote:

> If the asteroid was to make impact with Mars would 
> the Hubble telescope be in such a position as to 
> capture the event? 
> Such a video may motivate people to fund a long 
> term prevention research program.

 NASA's eveready rovers are still rollin around Mars
and sendin back postcards:


If the asteroid impacts Mars, the visual fields of the
rovers could be affected, if not profoundly or
catastrophically, at least in terms of seeing dust in
the upper atmosphere from the impact. It might be
thick enough to shutdown their solar power. ~Ian


"Priests dread the advance of science as witches do
the approach of daylight." - Thomas Jefferson

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