[ExI] elections again

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sun Dec 30 18:38:34 UTC 2007

>> Or make certain the technology is so powerful that the rebellion is of
>> trivial importance.

"Harvey Newstrom" <mail at harveynewstrom.com>:

>That's great if you are the dictator.

I agree, and I am quite sure Mr. AI will agree too.

> But do you want someone else gaining
> ultimate power of the entire world including you?

I wasn't talking about what I wanted, I was talking about what will be.

> Are we really that lazy or impatient that we won't work to make our
> technology safe before we deploy it?

I am, I've got better things to do than trying to square the circle when I
already know it can't be done.

> We just want to plow ahead, damn the
> torpedoes?

What we want doesn't enter into it.

> And isn't this just begging for somebody to preemptively nuke us in
> self-defense?

Could be. As I said before the Singularity will have lots of dangers
we can't control and even more we can't even predict.

  John K Clark

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