[ExI] Thoughtware.TV: On Artificial Life, Cybernetics and -H Memes

Andres Colon andres at thoughtware.tv
Sun Dec 30 19:54:55 UTC 2007

Artificial Life:
I'd like to bring to your attention this fake documentary on artificial
Life: The Order Electrus <http://www.thoughtware.tv/videos/show/1231>

*Arlind *found this video on Bionic Eye
which could help restore the sight of millions of blind people and could be
available to patients within two years.

Robotics/Enhanced Animals:
Elvis the cat got into an accident with a truck and lost the use of his hind
legs. His owner created technology so that Elvis could move around. Meet Elvis,
the RobotCat. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_UyGP9d2R8>

Negative Memes via Multimedia on Cybernetic Technology:
I wonder if any of you have laid your eyes on the 100% fiction (and in my
opinion notoriously -H) Metalosis
Its not something you will see posted by the Thoughtware.TV community, so
its very unlikely you'll find it there. But I will share it here as I figure
as transhumanist we should be aware of this multimedia content, in case you
are confronted by people that have been fed these negative memes and have
questions that need answering. Don't watch it if you are medically
squeamish. Heed the warning, the video is *graphic*, *--H* and *weird*.

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