[ExI] Re-framing Innovation re Consciousness

x at extropica.org x at extropica.org
Mon Dec 31 01:58:31 UTC 2007

On 12/30/07, Harvey Newstrom <mail at harveynewstrom.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 30 December 2007 13:53, x at extropica.org wrote:
> > Are you serious??  I see some interesting thinking but far from
> > rigorous or precise.
> Did you not understand the question or the options?  Or did they seem vague
> and ill-defined to you?  In what way were they un-rigorous or imprecise?  I'm
> sure any specifics would be as helpful as answers to the queries in exploring
> these topics.

I personally found it *very* difficult to parse, but given your
response and obvious sincerity, I will accept that I'm the exception.

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