[ExI] Survival (was: elections again)

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Mon Dec 31 16:08:20 UTC 2007

"Harvey Newstrom" <mail at harveynewstrom.com>

> You seem to believe that we can't change
> the future

The future will be determined by what Mr. Jupiter Brain wants, not by what
we want. Exactly what He (yes, I capitalized it) will decide to do I don't
know; that's why it's called a Singularity. Maybe He will treat us like
pampered pets; maybe He will exterminate us like rats, it's out of our

I do know one thing, I do know that it is childish to imagine that if we
just put in the right line of code we can be certain that a rapidly evolving
mind that is already a thousand times as powerful and a million times
faster than human can remain our slave until the end of time.

> Your answers are short to the point

Thank you.

> Do you think you have any control over future destiny?

No. Well, maybe that was a little too short. As I've mentioned before I do
have a strategy if I'm lucky enough to still be alive during the early
stages of the Singularity; I think it will give me my best chance of making
it through the eye of that hurricane. I don't delude myself, I don't claim
my chances are anything but piss poor, but they are better than most
because I am not burdened by certain superstitions that even Extropians
seem unable to shake off.

 John K Clark

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