[ExI] Happy New Year to all

ben benboc at lineone.net
Mon Dec 31 18:08:59 UTC 2007

Well, i'm now pissed, courtesy of Jack Daniels and Greene King (british 
pissed = alchoholically impaired, rather than american pissed = angry 
(which is 'pissed off' in british english)), and feeling full of 
goodwill to all men (generic 'men' = 'mankind' which is inclusive of 
women, in case you're excessively PC. Oh, yeah, and any dolphins, great 
apes, etc., that may be reading this), so Happy New Year to all of you 
lovely transhumanist/extropian types, regardless of whether you label 
yourselves as either or neither, as long as you subscribe to the central 
concept of improving the 'human condition' (what is that anyway?) via 

And even if you think that technology is inherently Evil and Flawed, and 
that the only hope for man(kind) is to embrace irrationality and 
superstition (Shirley Knott!), well, Happy New Year to you too, but 
seriously - start thinking for yourselves! (and what the hell are you 
doing on here?!).

Here's to a stem-cell-icious, AI-tastic, Nano-spirational and altogether 
futuristic and fantastic and happy 2008!

(which, if you believe Ray Kurzweil, will be equivalent to 2013 in year 
2000 progress-equivalence terms - according to my dodgy maths, anyway)

ben zaiboc
(Thinking how weird it is that i have to translate between american and 
british english - but at least 1/1/2008 is the same in both countries!)

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