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Sun Feb 4 15:43:40 UTC 2007

Ricardo Barreira rbarreira at gmail.com :

>An important problem is that no mainstream media has picked up any
>news on this yet. I wanted to try submitting a story on this to
>slashdot, but would like to do it with a link to a respectful news

>People who can contact respectful journalists to run this, please do!

>Ricardo Barreira

It's a shame that Boing Boing are choosing not to step into this fire.
Understandable, perhaps. Others are working on trying to reach
'respectable media'.

I've sent the below to a couple of different people at a large Arizona
newspaper. If you fill in your particular slant on this, customizing it
as you like, then more newspapers, can be covered.  Choose from the list
of newspapers here, and begin. Go to particular people listed at the
'Contact' who work at News desks and Features desks and address them
by name in your email.

California and Arizona Newspapers


============ FILL IN  and email ========================================

Dear XXX

I am a reader of your newspaper  XXX. This email is to alert you to a
story you or your colleagues may be interested in covering. I've
collected the relevant points into a press release, below. If you have
questions, you can reach me at this email or XXX (phone). You can gain
more information from Arel Lucas [(928) 445-4412 or (323) 712-5492], as

I've known Keith for XXX years as an accomplished scientist, engineer
and futurist. He's in a bad situation and any media coverage that your
newspaper could put towards his story may just protect him from what he
and his family fear most.

Sincerely yours,
Your email

Anti-Scientology activist Keith Henson taken into custody

Keith Henson, an outspoken anti-Scientology activist, was arrested last
Friday (February 2) night by Prescott, Arizona Police (928) 771-3286,
and is currently being held at the Prescott Detention Center in
Arizona [1]. His wife, Arel Lucas, says she is unsure why he was stopped,
but upon checking his Canadian driver's license, he taken into custody
on a 6-year old bench warrant issued by a Riverside County, California
judge. He is slated to appear before a judge on Monday February 5,
regarding a Riverside County (Scientology related) warrant [2].

Henson's troubles began in 2001 when he was convicted of "interfering
with a religion", a misdemeanor under California law, for picketing
outside Scientology's facility in Hemet, California. He left to Canada
before serving any time after receiving a number of death threats. He
was deported from Canada in 2005 after his asylum bid was rejected. His
location until February 2, 2007 was unknown. His legal situation since
2001 raises questions regarding the influence of the Church of
Scientology (CoS) over Riverside County's judicial system and the
changes in Canada's position on Keith's refugee status after 9-11. His
present situation raises more legal points [3].

Lucas strongly suspects that the Church of Scientology is involved in
Henson's current incarceration and fears for both his life and her own.
The death threats have been constant since 2001. Scientology's power and
reach has become considerable in recent years, leading to accusations
that it is not so much a cult as it is an organized crime outfit that
disguises itself as a religious organization.

Learn more about Keith Henson and his situation

Arel Lucas, wife of Keith Henson: (928) 445-4412 or (323) 712-5492.


Some background on CoS here

[1] Yavapai County Government: Clerk of Superior Court
120 S Cortez St
Prescott, AZ 86303
(928) 771-3312

He is case number 389486 and booked under his full name, Howard
Keith Henson.

[2] The jail has a media contact person, named Susan Quayle, who will be
at these numbers Monday morning, Arizona time.

[3] Main points about his legal status:
1.  Keith was convicted of a misdemeanor offense in California.  Can
a person be extradited from Arizona for a misdemeanor conviction?

2.  Keith was convicted of "interfering with a religion", an offense
which is (as far as I know), unique to California.  Can a person be
extradited from Arizona when he has not done anything that would be
considered illegal in Arizona?

3.  The judge prohibited Keith from presenting a proper and complete
defense.  Will this fact be considered when a decision is made about

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