[ExI] "traditional (Kurzweilian) progress"

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Fri Jun 1 14:04:12 UTC 2007

Okay, Okay... please forgive. :-)

I wasn't aware that Vinge had been involved for so
long (I thought '93 was his debut) or had made any
methodical predictions - I need to study more about
him. I didn't mean any offense.


Jeffrey Herrlich 

--- Damien Broderick <thespike at satx.rr.com> wrote:

> At 02:44 PM 5/31/2007 -0700, Jeffrey Herrlich wrote:
> >that we can still reach a
> >positive Singularity by traditional (Kurzweilian)
> >progress.
> For the luvva dog! I like Ray and appreciate his PR
> efforts, but if 
> we're going to fling about words like "traditional"
> the name to 
> acknowledge is Vernor Vinge, who got the word out
> there 20 fucking 
> years earlier. The phrase of choice, especially here
> where we the 
> few, the proud, the lonely forerunners know what
> we're talking about 
> is... "by traditional (Vingean) progress".
> I know this is a narrow little meat-monkey matter,
> and that Vernor 
> probably doesn't care less, but humans work to a
> surprising degree by 
> mutual acknowledgement, especially in the
> intellectual realm. Give 
> the man his due.
> Damien Broderick
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