[ExI] walking bees

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Sat Jun 2 15:28:34 UTC 2007

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> You will need to generate the oxygen gas chemically.
> The best way to do this is to:
> If the bees seem to get better in your homemade
> hyperbaric oxygen chamber, then my hypothesis is right
> and we get to publish our results. I think it only
> fair that we share credit equally. Please make sure
> there are no sparks or flames nearby when you mix the
> bleach and hydrogen peroxide.
> So are you interested? :-)
> Stuart LaForge
> alt email: stuart"AT"ucla.edu

Coooool!  Thanks Stuart, this is a great idea.  I even have some ideas for
improvement.  I have access to liquid oxygen (an advantage of being a rocket
scientist) so I will get a thermos bottle full of that stuff and use it for
my process control.  I can probably get the partial pressure of oxygen from
the normal 150-ish millimeters to about in the 200 to 300 range while
maintaining 1 atmosphere.

I theorized the bees I found might have tracheal mites, which is why I
brought them home.  I was going to try to dissect these, but my surgical
skills are insufficient I fear.  

Your notion stands to reason however.  I found the eighth bee in my back
yard yesterday, already perished.  I didn't collect that one, because I
wanted to see how long it takes for the ants to completely devour a bee.
They are still working on it, so at least ten hours.


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