[ExI] Ethics and Emotions are not axioms

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Sun Jun 3 22:40:19 UTC 2007

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> ---is that as soon as we are capable, we ought to reformat the solar
> system to run everything in an uploaded state.  Earth's matter alone could
> support about 10^33 human beings...
> Lee

Six micrograms per person, hmmm.  

For estimation purposes, the earth's atoms can be modeled as half oxygen,
one sixth iron, one sixth silicon and one sixth magnesium, with everything
else negligible for one digit BOTECs.  (Is that cool or what?  Did you know
it already?  This isn't mass fraction, but atomic fraction which I used for
a reason.)

So six micrograms isn't much, but it still works out to about 700 trillion
atoms of oxygen, 200 trillion atoms of iron, magnesium and aluminum each,
with a few trillion atoms of debris thrown in for free.  So I guess I will
buy Lee's conjecture of earth being good for 10^33 uploaded humans.  

But I don't see that as a limit.  Since a nearly arbitrarily small computer
could run a human process (assuming we knew how to do it, until which even
Jeff Davis and Ray Charles would agree it is hard) then we could run a human
process (not in real time of course) with much less than six micrograms of

Oops gotta go, yet another party.  June is a busy month.


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