[ExI] Unfriendly AI is a mistaken idea

wadih fayad wadihfayad at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 4 20:04:44 UTC 2007

Hi, to all, 
first, let's think about the evolution of human species well the next species to come is a completely paranormal one, and the question is how the actual species will react to this species more powerful intelligent and capable? the existence of the actual one depends on her reaction to this new species. Artificial intelligence? but sure it can be friendly it depends on the programmation almost everything on earth depends on a certain programmation by itself or by others. Anyway in the years to come, the electronic devices will take a great part of human bodies, we have to think how to avoid disfunction problems. As cloning, when an institute and some of them are making researches about this, copy the mind and the memory of a person on an electronic device, then istead of cloning this person he makes two biological copies of this person one of his body one of the brain separately then they inplant the brain in the new body, the next step will be transferring the data from the electronic device to the new brain, in that way we obtain a new human copy of ourselves and that what we should think about it, especially that the colonizing era of the space is wide open now. Any people who know more links about these institutes so we can discuss more about it?
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