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On 6/7/07, John K Clark <jonkc at att.net> wrote:
> A very important Scientific paper was published today, <snip> in Nature. Shinya
> Yamanaka reports that he has found a simple and cheap
> way to turn adult mouse skin cells into mouse embryonic stem cells, and he
> did it without having to fuse them with egg cells. He found that just 4
> genes can reprogram an adult cell to become what it once was, a stem cell
> ready to differentiate into anything.  Apparently when these 4 genes are
> injected into an adult cell it rearranges the chromatin, a protein sheath
> that covers the DNA part of chromosomes and determines what genes get
> expressed and what do not, into the way it was when it was a stem cell. The
> result is an adult cell that is indistinguishable from an embryonic stem
> cell. It hasn't been done with human cells yet but I'll bet it won't be
> long.
>   John K Clark
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