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> >> Do chess opponents at tournaments conduct themselves in ways that they
> >> hope might psyche out their opponent? ,,

> ...he interrupted with a laugh and
> said "Biyassis! Him, hah! You know, I deliberately
> misspelled his name 'Biyass' on my scoresheet---I think it
> really upsets him".
> Lee

Great story Lee, thanks! 

Here's mine. I was sixteen, freshly minted driver's license, filled with
the wonder of a newfound freedom. The Cocoa Florida club arranged the
county tournament in a lounge of all places. That was all they could get,
and it was during the day when the place was closed usually, so they set up
14 tables in there. It was nice but not well enough lit even with
additional lighting. But that wasn't the real problem. The real problem
was they had a very lifelike painting on the wall of a nude woman. Well, I
had seen such a thing in National Geographic and the occasional Playboy, but
this woman, oy vey, I couldn't keep my eyes off of this painting. They
musta noticed my gazing and ogling. I was doing quite well in the
tournament, with an early (lucky) draw against an expert. The reprehensible
malefactors set my chair facing that painting. {8^D Waves of raging
hormones bashed my two remaining operable brain cells against each other.

But that wasn't the story. I went up against an A player in the last round,
so he had about 120 rating points on me. He was writing our moves on his
scoresheet with question marks after all of my moves and exclamation points
after all his. That didn't rattle me, I just did the same back on my
scoresheet. (a ? means a bad move, a ! means a good move on a chess
scoresheet.) Then he put his chair back and stood over the board (he was a
big guy). This didn't bother me, since I know to play the board, not the
man. Then he started walking over to my side of the board each time it was
my move, looking over my shoulder. This mighta rattled me, but by the time
he started doing that, his ass was already whooped, as I had a strong
advantage in addition to a couple pawns and plenty of time on my clock, over
half an hour more than he had left. So I got out of his way and let him
walk around the board all he wanted, spanked his butt anyway. Or perhaps he
was going around to look at the painting, I don't know. {8^D He kept
playing for several moves after he was already a rotting corpse stinking up
the road, possibly in disbelief that he had actually lost to such a fool. 

I took second in that tournament, behind the expert I had managed to draw in
the first round, finishing with 4.5 of 6 points. 



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