[ExI] extra Roman dimensions

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Sun Jun 10 15:55:35 UTC 2007

I don't know about this particular Italian politician, Giulio.. and now
I think I want to know less about him! ;-)

But what I want to know is who is the clever politician responsible for
Bush's broken limo? (... the comedies in Rome doesn't get any better than
that ... )

Does the Italian government supply dignitaries like Bush (cough) with limos?
Or does Bush carry his limos around in his Air Force One plane? Anyone know?



Amara Graps, PhD      www.amara.com
Associate Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute (PSI), Tucson
INAF Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario (IFSI), Roma, Italia

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