[ExI] The Judgment of Paris

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun Jun 10 18:09:21 UTC 2007

At 12:46 PM 6/10/2007 -0500, I guessed:

> >Jay Leno said something to the effect:  "Why
> >didn't Nelson Mandela think of that?"
>And 91.87 percent of the audience stared blankly and mumbled, "Huh? Who?"

I might be wrong about that:


<In a recent advertising research poll, Nelson Mandela was ranked the 
most visible and recognizable brand in the world, followed by Coca 
Cola which once occupied first place. >


<6th July 2006 . Nelson Mandela has been voted the person most people 
would like to run the world in a poll conducted by the BBC.

The former President of South Africa received more than 8,000 votes 
with past United States President Bill Clinton coming second with 
nearly 7,500 votes - just ahead of the Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled 
leader and Nobel peace prize winner.

The toppled leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was at 90 in the list of 
nearly one hundred names on the 'ballot'.

More than 15,000 people worldwide voted online to 'elect' a fantasy 
11-member world government from a selection of the most powerful, 
charismatic and notorious people on the planet.

Heart-throb actor Brad Pitt only managed 87th place, one place above 
singer Michael Jackson and five places above actress and singer 
Jennifer Lopez.

[Jesus Christ! Oh, wait, He didn't get a mention]

Other well-known names winning support included actor and politician 
Arnold Schwarzenegger in at 46 - one ahead of media magnate Rupert 
Murdoch - Live Aid campaigner Bob Geldof at 30 and singer Kylie Minogue at 77.

At least one vote had to be from lists of 'leaders', 'thinkers' and 

[Ah! So the candidates were listed on a ballot, it wasn't write-in. 
This starts to make a *tiny* bit of sense.]

- but the remaining eight choices could be for candidates in areas 
ranging from the arts to sport.

The American writer and commentator, Noam Chomsky, was in fourth place.>

...Noam... *Chomsky*... beat Michael Jackson to rule the planet??? 
Hey, go Noam!

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