[ExI] Unfrendly AI is a mistaken idea.

A B austriaaugust at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 10 19:21:34 UTC 2007

I've lost all interest in trying to discuss anything
technical with you, John. In this specific case you
either just don't "get it" at all, or you do "get it"
somewhat but you're unwilling to even consider
evidence or argument that doesn't fit your very first
intuition. The latter case is what I'm guessing, since
you so very frequently use sordid strategies in an
attempt to reflexively and offensively defend only
what you want to believe.

In it's essence, there is nothing at all wrong with
wanting to put your best face forward. But, what makes
your "slave AI" accusations so profoundly dishonorable
is that you are attempting to posture yourself into
appearing to be the only person who cares at all about
the welfare of the future super-intelligence. And your
primary strategy of posturing yourself is by
attempting to throw many of the rest of us to the
wolves - by repeatedly suggesting that we, the
Friendly AI advocates, are evil people who's interest
is in making a slave that we control, and the cost to
the AI is pain and suffering. You're attempting to
benefit only yourself by profiteering on the
destruction of character of many other people here on
this list and elsewhere, the Friendly AI advocates.
That is *profoundly* contemptible behavior. And
privately, you know for a damn fact that the Friendly
AI people aren't evil bastards and are in fact trying
really damn hard to balance strict ethics with
pragmatic approaches to achieve a wonderful future for
everyone, including the AI and including you. If you
genuinely cared about the the feelings of intelligent
beings as an end-in-itself, then you wouldn't so
frequently be so offensive and rude to so many people
on this list. I decided that I would finally respond
in-kind, and it was probably long overdue. Perhaps
someday in the future if you decide to objectively
examine your own behavior and change it accordingly, I
will be inclined to re-examine my assessment of your
character. But that is not a request or even an
expectation, it is merely a fact.

Jeffrey Herrlich             

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