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> Dear Spike:
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> "Bush's limousine stalled between the Vatican and the U.S. embassy, White
> House counselor Dan Bartlett said. It took about two minutes for the
> motorcade to get going again. He said Bush did not get out of the car
> during the stop and resumed his ride in the same limousine. The
> president's entourage passed a mechanic working under the hood of one of
> the presidential limousines as it left the embassy later."
> It seems that the White House is spinning the story.....
> Amara

How do we know that Bartlett's story is a lie?  The video doesn't prove Bush
changed limos as far as I can tell.  I see a man moving from one limo to
another, but I cannot tell if it is Bush.  I don't see Mrs. Bush in that
video at all.  If they didn't switch limos, it would explain why the
mainstream press didn't get excited.  It does stand to reason that a secret
service guy coule be the limo switcher.  They could even intentionally hire
a secret service guy that looks like Bush.


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