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Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Mon Jun 11 15:17:48 UTC 2007

>How do we know that Bartlett's story is a lie?  The video doesn't prove Bush
>changed limos as far as I can tell.  I see a man moving from one limo to
>another, but I cannot tell if it is Bush.

Did you hear the crowd though? They were some meters away from him. If it
wasn't Bush, then why were they calling out to him?

>I don't see Mrs. Bush in that
>video at all.

I think that she was in the second limo that backed up to be in line
with the broken down limo. I made a mistake that Mrs. Bush was with
him in the first car, when I wrote that in my post.

>If they didn't switch limos, it would explain why the
>mainstream press didn't get excited.

But witnesses who blogged said that the switched limo did't fit into
the Embassy entrance.  People who were there, and saw him get out of
the car. You're right that I didn't see on the video any more about
the stalled car, the first Limo. Did the driver get it started again?
I _did_ see a person who looked like Bush get out and move towards
the second limo. Then the camera was pointed away, and we couldn't
see any more the two limos. Soon after, the rest of the traffic seemed
to be zipping by.

You have to consider that passers-by would have less reason to spin
the Bush story than the White House, Spike. The words, both English
and Italian (I understood all) on the video recording indicated
events that corroborated what I read in the various blogs.



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