[ExI] This would almost qualify as hilarious ... if only itweren't true

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 13 01:39:13 UTC 2007

> bounces at lists.extropy.org] On Behalf Of Olga Bourlin
> Gay or straight sexuality aside, to me the "face of war" is often either
> dead children, or blind and disfigured children like Hamoody Hussein:...

Agreed fully: war is tragic.  We should stop at nothing in our efforts to
prevent it.  If it cannot be prevented, collateral damage must be minimized.

> So you're saying that some "collateral benefits" may come of this.  As is
> often the case during war, technology picks up its step in its marches
> onward ...
> Olga

Ja.  The gay bomb is too good to be true, at least with current technology.
We are not there yet.


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