[ExI] story: "What happened to Bush's Cadillac 1?"

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> Subject: [ExI] story: "What happened to Bush's Cadillac 1?"
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> (Anton has it on his blog too, so I know the story is getting around)
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This development deepens the mystery.  The video shows the car moving along,
then slowing to a stop.  Then we hear the sound of the engine cranking but
not firing, at least four times.  Then the cops get nervous, start pushing
people back and away.  In the background I see secret service people milling
about.  A second limo that looks to be the same dimensions as the first is
backed up along the left side of the first limo from in front.  Witnesses
report that both Mr. and Mrs. Bush switched limos.  I couldn't identify
either from the video.  The white house people report that the Bushes did
not switch cars.  The video taker is behind a parked vehicle for several
seconds.  When she comes out from behind, the video shows the first limo
moving ahead slowly.  As it passes from the scene, the second limo is also

So I still cannot explain why the white house press people would report that
the Bushes did not switch limos if they did.  Nor can I explain why bloggers
and witnesses would report that they did switch limos if they did not.  Nor
can I explain how a car that is moving along under its own power can
suddenly stall, fail to start on four tries, then a few seconds later start
up and proceed.  What kind of mechanical failure would do that?  The only
thing I can think of is an EM pulse.  Overheating wouldn't cause a temporary
stall.  Fuel contamination wouldn't allow restart after a few seconds.  Most



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