[ExI] This would almost qualify as hilarious ... if onlyitweren'ttrue

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> >I don't see why that is stupid Olga.  What if they could develop a gay
> >bomb?
> What?  You've never heard of the Enola Gay bomb?  (all right, I'm ashamed
> at myself ...)

{8^D  Excellent!  And in the spirit of the discussion.

> I'm all for better living through chemistry, but it seems to me this
> subject is not as simple as it may appear on the surface...

Ja, and it occurred to me that we all missed something very important.
World war 1 saw the development of a particularly diabolical non-lethal
weapon called the castration mine.  A charge would propel a second charge
upward to explode between the soldiers' legs, severely damaging or removing
the privates' privates.  Companies would cross a conventional minefield if
the mines were the traditional variety that would merely slay the victim,
but would refuse their officers' orders if the field contained castration
mines.  A man would rather risk his life than risk going home without his
manhood.  We didn't have women soldiers in those days.

Nowthen, any army the US likely to face would be from the kind of society
that is not just homophobic, but is downright terrified of any suggestion of
homosexuality.  (Hint: there is no "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the
middle east.  They still murder gays there, with the government's blessing.)
So terrifying would be even the rumor that the US had such a weapon that the
actual fighting would likely never occur.  A shooting war is turned into an
information war.  Everyone wins, ja?


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