[ExI] The right AI idea

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Thu Jun 14 22:57:33 UTC 2007

Jeffrey writes

> John K Clark wrote:
>> "Then it is not a AI, it is just a lump of silicon."
> Wrong.
>> "In other words, how do you make an
>> intelligence that can't think, because
>> thinking is what consciousness is. The
>> answer is easy, you can't."
> Wrong.

I have no idea who I agree with! John's
statements are rather vague (and perhaps
taken out of context,---I don't know),
and these one word replies "wrong"
offer no explanations.

> By obvious implication, a Friendly AI will not proceed
> to use all physical resources in the local area. After
> a point it will cease to expand its own hardware, and
> will allow humanity to catch up to it, at least to
> some degree.

I *do* believe that a Friendly AI should use every
single atom of the solar system that it can get its
manipulators on.  As it is expanding and converting
all matter that it encounters into its own "tissues",
it naturally uploads every human and human pet.
(This assumes an extremely fast take-off.)

Some people may not be aware that they've been
uploaded, and the AI, in order to be Nice as well
as Friendly, may find it a delicate task to explain
to them that they're not really in Kansas anymore.

As for everyone else, if they're not up to speed 
about uploading, well, they'll get used to it pretty
quickly. For one thing, the AI ought to mess with
their mood at least a tiny bit, so that they're not
overly anxious about it.  Or about anything. 
Needless to say, a Friendly and Nice AI won't
bother with the entities pain calculations; why
waste compute cycles on something their pets
find pointlessly annoying anyway?

\> I've asked you to stop with your "Slave AI"
> accusations and you've refused. If you want to
> continue to be rude and accusative, that's your right.

I haven't understood any of this. Am I a "slave" of
my cat to whom I'm devoted and on which I dote?
Okay, so I am.  So what?  Who cares?  Let's take
the worse case:  the "Friendly" part is (improbably)
so overdone that this incredibly powerful entity
understands perfectly that it's each human's slave,
(just as, I suppose, I am my cat's slave), and not
only that, but each human *owns* that portion or
portions of the global AIs who are in control. So
what?  If you want to call me a slave owner 
under such conditions, exactly why should I
be offended?


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