[ExI] POST MORTAL chugging on

Chris Hibbert hibbert at mydruthers.com
Fri Jun 15 02:49:51 UTC 2007

> The serial sf novel with the serial killer, POST MORTAL SYNDROME, is 
> now entering the home straight, with three more weeks to go.
> so if anyone gave up early out of frustration at the gappiness of the 
> experience, now might be a time to have another look.
> Barbara and I would be interested to hear any reactions from 
> extropes, favorable or un-. Is this an acceptable way to publish such
> a book?

The format doesn't give me any trouble.  I habitually read several books 
at once, usually reading 10-20 pages of each in alternation in my hour 
or two of nightly reading time.  The only (long) things I read straight 
through are the daily newspaper, and technical papers.  When I travel 
for an overnight trip, I take three books with me.  :-)

As to the story, I'm enjoying it.  The one complaint I have is the 
schizophrenia.  Multiple personalities seems like a cheap trick for an 
author to pull.  Gives you too many options.  But you haven't overplayed it.

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