[ExI] Fear of Death

A B austriaaugust at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 15:31:10 UTC 2007

In a somewhat unrelated post, Lee wrote:

..."I have very good reasons
for supposing that I fear death less than most people,
and a *lot* less than do many other cryonicists."...

I'm not trying to flame you Lee, I just thought that
this would be a good topic to jump-off from.

I've wondered why having a fear of death is often
considered to be something shameful. I would rather
continue to exist and live a good life, rather than
die (in the "permanent" sense). So, because I would
rather live well, then I suppose that I *do* have a
fear of death. Does that make me ashamed to say it or
feel it? Not at all. If I die, then nothing I've ever
cared about will mean anything to me; because I won't
care about anything.


Jeffrey Herrlich

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