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Russell Wallace wrote:
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>     No one did that except Xellos.  Certainly not Ms. Existential Risk.
> Didn't she? I thought she reacted about as well as could have been. Of 
> course, she didn't blind herself with the magic deathseeking words 
> "Existential Risk". If she had, humanity in that universe would be 
> extinct right now.

Season 3's use was reasonable.  Season 2... no, I'm sorry, your 
boyfriend's life does not weigh reasonably against the entire planet.

>     Oh, and: Geneshaft.  It wasn't very good, but it seemed detectably
>     transhumanist-themed
> Okay, haven't read either of those.

Geneshaft's an anime.  *Lots* of books more transhumanist than Geneshaft.

My girlfriend Erin would add "Ghost in the Shell" and she'd be dead 
right, come to think of it.

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