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Sat Jun 23 10:49:55 UTC 2007

--- Joseph Bloch <joseph at josephbloch.com> wrote:

> Alas, I still pine for a really good, deliberately
> >H film. I'd do
> handsprings for one that was actually
> pro-transhumanist in its portrayal,
> but I'm afraid supermen make too good a villain for
> that to happen any time
> soon.

Aside from the 80's cheese-factor (yet strangely
entertaining), I'd say "Robocop" put a net positive
spin on H+ tech although some would call it more

I also liked "Vanilla Sky" despite the presence of
Tommy boy. I thought it was a well written movie that
struck me as sort of a H+ trojan horse. If you don't
know what I mean, I don't want to spoil it for you. If
you can't stand Tom Cruise then see "Abres les Ojos",
the original spanish movie of which "Vanilla Sky" is
an english remake. Penelope Cruz plays the same role
in both.   

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