[ExI] brain and attention

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sat Jun 23 18:51:23 UTC 2007


Interactions in the brain which enable us to pay 
attention to some of the things we see while 
barely noticing others have been discovered in 
research at the University of Melbourne.

The findings are the first to show the complex 
interactions between two different areas of the 
brain when an object catches our eye. They were 
published in the international journal Science last week.

The study was conducted by Dr Yuri Saalmann and 
Associate Professor Trichur Vidyasagar (Optometry 
and Vision Sciences), and Dr Ivan Pigarev, a 
visiting scientist from the Russian Academy of Sciences...

Associate Professor Vidyasagar and his colleagues 
found that... the lateral intraparietal cortex – 
which controls attention – stimulates activity in 
a lower area called the medial temporal area, 
which influences the processing of visual information.

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