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Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 16:30:18 UTC 2007

I made those exact comments to friends after the initial post.

....a way farmers could make great gobs of money by supplying the military
industrial  complex with psychogenic warefare
compounds derived form thousands of tons of hemp?

I wrote a piece about this and recieved an award for doing so 37 years ago.

And about the hemp BBQ.... someday this summer I plan to have a party and
celebrate our 2007 hemp crop by burning the remnants
of our 2000 crop.   A 10 acre experiment  used hay stack wagons to gather it
and  yielded a mixture of crop and weeds which was not acceptable to put
into food products  so  I have about 10 tonnes to dispose of .  Hemp and pot
smoke smell identical so  it makes for
a bit of a cheap thrill  for all.

Morris Johnson

Extropian Agroforestry Ventures  Inc.

Extreme Life-Extension ..."The most dangerous idea on earth"
-Leon Kass , Bioethics Advisor to George Herbert Walker Bush,
June 2005

Extropian Smoke Signals Waft Softly but Carry a big Schtick
... Morris Johnson - June 2005*
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