[ExI] Can and should happiness be completely liberated from its task of motivating?

TheMan mabranu at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 18:46:28 UTC 2007

There may come a time after which we will never again
need to be able to feel any pain or fear whatsoever in
order to live wisely and avoid bad things. At
www.hedweb.com it is suggested that a world without
suffering is possible, and that in the future, only
gradients of wellbeing will be necessary for

But will even gradients of wellbeing be necessary?

Or can we, in the future, as posthumans, become
"robots" in the sense that we will, unlike now, never
be driven to the slighest extent by any emotions,
feelings or anything like that, but by pure
intelligence, and still be at least as good at staying
alive and developing as we are today (maybe infinitely
better?), and at the same time be always enormously
happier than today - and always exactly _equally_
happy no matter what happens to us and whatever we do
and think?

I suppose our happiness level will in the best case
scenario go on increasing for ever, as our continuous
development will constantly push the limits of what is
"maximum possible happiness" for us, by changing our
very design again and again. But can
[happiness,wellbeing,pleasure,euphoria,bliss], also in
that kind of scenario, successfully be completely
liberated from its so far essential task of motivating
us to act as wisely as possible? Or will a preserved
connection between happiness and motivation always
make us more fit for survival and further development
than a disconnection would?

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