[ExI] agency-based personal identity

Thomas Oliver thomas at thomasoliver.net
Tue Jun 26 06:41:52 UTC 2007

Jef Albright wrote:

> Uh...thanks, I think.  But rather than "reducing [my] compulsion" to
> increase the coherence and extensibility of our thinking on these
> topics -- haven't you actually reinforced it? ;-)

I guess this highlights our divergent views on compulsion.  I  
discriminate between voluntary response and obligation driven  
I encourage you to respond to "seeking minds," but not to feel  
personally obligated to provide me with the "higher level" view.

> A band of musicians playing together can be greater than the sum of
> the musicians playing separately.  But that greater cooperative act is
> the results of smaller acts of competition, selecting for arrangements
> that work together at the higher level.

We call the selection process "musical chairs"  and the cooperative  
act "concert."   I know dueling soloists can be great fun.  That  
became stock fare for the common audience centuries ago.  I indulge  
in "trading fours" at every blues jam where I find a competent  
competitor.  My favorite capping tactic involves anticipating what my  
opponent will play and harmonizing instead of attempting to outdo  
her.  It sounds so much better than wrangling for dominance.

I think Gordon challenged your chair with his "will as essence," but  
failed the audition when he abdicated intellect.  I don't see animal  
drives as the essence of human nature .  I don't see lagging self  
awareness as all that relevant to human agency.  I still have a  
little trouble with agents acting for a "whatever type entity" since  
that grants personhood status to all manner of abstract beings some  
of which lack individuality.  I never met a corporation with a  
personality of its own.  How do we handle agents posing as entities?   
My suggestion: Abolish collective (and thus covert) title.  Extend  
this!  -- Thomas
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