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Two comments:
It is so sad that in this time Creationism is taking strenght in many
"advanced" countries. And it is our duty fight back this ignorance. Even
in this (randommutation.com) poor attack to science...

So, well done with your example! I will publish your response in my blog
if you allow me...

Maybe you could post it as comment to  RichardDawkins.net
(http://richarddawkins.net/tourJournal) :-)


The Avantguardian escribió:
> The forces of ignorance threaten the world again, I
> see.
> In his inane FAQ at
> http://www.randommutation.com/darwinianevolution.htm#faq
> Perry Marshall (the guy who brought you the hi-tech
> random mutation applet) writes:
> ------- begin quote
> Q: Is your theory about Random Mutation (that it does
> not contribute to evolutionary progress at all)
> Falsifiable?
> A:  Yes. Here's how to falsify it: 
> Show me just one paper, book or experiment anywhere in
> the history of biology that empirically demonstrates
> and proves that random mutation of DNA produces novel
> adaptive features (eyes, wings, legs, functional
> organs); and that the mutations that produced those
> features were in fact random. (And not Mobile Genetic
> Elements or some other systematic process.)
> Again I repeat: In 150 years of research on this
> subject, there is not a single peer-reviewed paper,
> book or experiment that demonstrates this to be true.
> Not one. 
> No one who considers themselves a skeptic or a
> scientifically literate person can believe this to be
> true and still be consistent with skepticism and
> scientific literacy.
> --------- end quote
> How about this, Perry?
> http://www.pnas.org/cgi/content/abstract/85/23/9114
> ---------Begin quote
> Reductase-Thymidylate Synthase Confers Resistance to
> Pyrimethamine in Falciparum Malaria 
> David S. Peterson, David Walliker, and Thomas E.
> Wellems 
> Analysis of a genetic cross of Plasmodium falciparum
> and of independent parasite isolates from Southeast
> Asia, Africa, and South America indicates that
> resistance to pyrimethamine, an antifolate used in the
> treatment of malaria, results from point mutations in
> the gene encoding dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate
> synthase (EC and EC, respectively).
> Parasites having a mutation from Thr-108/Ser-108 to
> Asn-108 in DHFR-TS are resistant to the drug. The
> Asn-108 mutation occurs in a region analogous to the C
>  -helix bordering the active site cavity of bacterial,
> avian, and mammalian enzymes. Additional point
> mutations (Asn-51 to Ile-51 and Cys-59 to Arg-59) are
> associated with increased pyrimethamine resistance and
> also occur at sites expected to border the active site
> cavity. Analogies with known inhibitor/enzyme
> structures from other organisms suggest that the point
> mutations occur where pyrimethamine contacts the
> enzyme and may act by inhibiting binding of the drug. 
> --------end quote
> So a "random mutation" confers drug resistance upon
> the malaria parasite. That is a novel adaptive trait,
> isn't it?
> On lighter note, by indulging Mr. Marshall's game of 
> evolution of text by mutation with "meaning"
> analogizing fitness or whatever foolishness he has in
> mind, consider this challenge:
> One can evolve from APE to MAN with 9 mutational steps
> assuming all mutants not in the dictionary as being
> non-viable abominations that die in the womb.
> APE > ??? > ??? > ??? > ??? > ??? > ??? > ??? > ??? >
> Interestingly enough to evolve from MAN to GOD
> requires only 3 further mutations.
> MAN > ??? > ??? > GOD 
> So who would have thought there was a 12-step program
> to go from ape to god? ;-)
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