[ExI] Is this really the case?

Joseph Bloch joseph at josephbloch.com
Thu Jun 28 03:59:08 UTC 2007

Are you referring to the clip from the film "Jesus Camp"?

I confess I don't see any other video links on the page you seem to be


Just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before I comment. 


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> Eliezer posted a video on Overcoming Bias regarding
> "Are Your Enemies Innately Evil?".  (I'm sorry, I'm
> sure how to post a link:)
> Is this really what it's like in the United States
> regarding religion?  I am rather curious as I read a
> lot but I haven't had much opportunity to travel.  I
> understand the Extropy List consists of many Atheists
> and wonder if this would be a reason why many of you
> have such a distaste for religion? If so, then my
> apology.
> Where I grew up religion was not the least bit like
> this. When I watched that video it made my skin crawl
> and my blood boil.  I remember thinking "that's not
> religion, that's boot camp for a Christian army".
> And what is this?  "There is only two kind of people
> in the world, people that love Jesus and people that
> don't"? That's not teaching children morals and values
> that's teaching children how anybody that's not like
> me is bad/evil or wrong. As it's a clip, I'm not sure
> what direction it's heading in but one thing is sure,
> if this is clip represents the truth of the mentality
> of the religious in the United States, I wouldn't give
> it any awards.
> I feel rather naive that I took so much time defending
> religion unaware that this type of evangelism was so
> widespread within the United States.
> If anybody has a moment and watches the clip, I would
> love some of your insight, offlist if preferable.
> Thanks
> Anna
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