[ExI] Is this really the case?

Fred C. Moulton moulton at moulton.com
Fri Jun 29 01:06:13 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-06-27 at 23:17 -0400, Anna Taylor wrote:
> Eliezer posted a video on Overcoming Bias regarding
> "Are Your Enemies Innately Evil?".  (I'm sorry, I'm
> sure how to post a link:)  
> Is this really what it's like in the United States
> regarding religion? 

Not in total.  But it does exist.  There is a lot more of that mentality
in small towns.  Places which are culturally and intellectually more
sophisticated tend to have less of it.

See for example the story of the Smalkowski family:
The ABC version of the story is a bit garbled, I remember reading a
better written version either from the FFRF ffrf.org or from American
Atheists http://www.atheists.org/ but I can not find the link at the

For more info on the movie see:
It appears that the camp is closed however the operator is looking for a
new location.  And I bet they will not allow in a film crew this time.


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