[ExI] Skeptic magazine article "The Case for Incrementalism in the Future of Science"

John Grigg desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 21:46:27 UTC 2007

The latest issue of the Skeptic has an article entitled "The Case for Incrementalism in the Future of Science" by Mordechai Ben-Ari.  I considered it a second-rate work which tried without sufficient explanation to show how science would continue to steadily plug away rather than take off in an exponential way dear to the hearts of Transhumanists.  I felt this was one of the worst written and thought out articles I have ever read in the Skeptic and was amazed it was ever accepted and published by Shermer and his editors.  Has anyone else here read this? What did you think?   
  I know Michael Shermer has taken some potshots at cryonics and so perhaps now he feels it's time to aim at Transhumanism in general.
John Grigg  

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