[extropy-chat] book review: The Human Touch by Michael Frayn

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Fri Mar 2 05:30:11 UTC 2007

At 12:15 AM 3/2/2007 -0500, PJ wrote:

>(I did note Damien's violent dismissal of Chomsky.

No no NO. *Frayn's* violent dismissal. I'm summarizing his attitude 
in that parenthesis, as in the one about religion, as I was 
summarizing/impersonating/pillorying the attiude of olde fogeys in my 
opening par. Look more carefully:

< it really is a bit hard to take seriously a
philosopher at home who wishes to unsettle us on the
topics of grammar (Chomsky is not only wrong but
laughably so)... whether reality is any more definite
than fiction, and what is fiction anyway,
dreaming, deity and faith (believers are not only
not believers but laughably so), >

Damien Broderick

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