[extropy-chat] The war on aging...

Kevin Peterson kevinpet at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:59:50 UTC 2007

Robert Bradbury wrote:
> Some of you may have already seen the online petition for "Indefinite Life
> Extension".
> ...

Are you kidding? You want the government involved in pursuing life
extension research? First, it opens everything up to the whims of the
electorate. Secondly, individual life extension is not in the best
public policy interests of the country.

Show me a petition that says "stay out of our way, let me engage in
responsible germline human genetic engineering, and start modifying
policy (such as social security) to be compatible with significantly
extended lifespans" and I'll sign it.

A "war on aging"? FDA declare aging a disease? This is not the Apollo
program, it is far too long-term to be carried out by a democratic
government. (It might be possible for a non-democratic government to
carry out such a program, but you probably wouldn't want to live under
such a government.)

Personally, I don't see the emphasis on life extension. Life extension
to the point of a healthy 100 years will be easily attainable within a
few years of letting go of our qualms about the techniques. And by the
time those who benefit from the first, easy steps in that direction
get old, it'll be easier to just upload yourself.


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