[extropy-chat] The Problem of Consciousness

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Sun Mar 4 16:27:45 UTC 2007

"> The question remains in our universe of thoughts, why is there
> something rather than nothing?

"A still more fundamental question: how do we know there really is 
Can it be proven?  And why do zen masters speak slowly and distinctly 
Master Po?  It's really hard to imagine a fast talking auctioneer 
koans rapid fire."

A good question so to speak. Our minds enjoy to be entertained by 
thought that provokes thought. How do thoughts know consciousness or 
does the organic brain matter experience pain or suffering? In the 
event of a stroke, some brain cells die but these cells cannot 
communicate the sensation of pain, the effects are manifested only on 
the loss of function i.e. the loss of cognitive or motor functions as 
the case maybe.

Evolution tells us this process of consciousness arise from interactive 
processes from the cellular level to continuous growth of interactions 
with different energies of consciousness. Sorry if this sounds 
circular. Rocks don't exhibit a high level of consciousness as a Rocket 
scientist does. If an astronaut does not pay attention to what he is 
doing, we observed his level of consciousness is diminished to a state 
of potentiality.

We can prove the existence of consciousness by using direct 
observation, by analytical thinking and by using hi-tech monitoring 
system/scientific method of investigation. Problem is the 
subject/consciousness becomes fuzzy when the observer becomes the 


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