[extropy-chat] The Nature of Knowledge

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Mon Mar 5 00:26:21 UTC 2007

To gts:

  Knowledge as a product of energy is recyclable. It means it can be 
either interpreted or misinterpreted depending on memory and a system 
of language stored in the brain. As ideas get registered in the brain's 
center for memory, the idea undergoes transformation depending on the 
evolved brain's capacity to discern thoughts or ideas as mere thoughts 
not reality. Who can predict whether this idea is transformed from 
entropic energy to extropic energy? At present the only thing that can 
be predictable is the uncertainty principle.

> gts: "All evolution, from the physical and biological to the mental 
> cultural, can then be seen as a single contiguous process involving 
> growth of knowledge."
> Me: I agree seen in that perspective. Some knowledge like beliefs and
> dogmas remain in a state of potent energy which can lead to entropy
> instead of extropy.

gts: "Sorry, I have no idea what that means, either."

My reply: We are all sorts of energy in constant interactive processing 
of thoughts. You and I exist only as thoughts. There is no you nor I 
that exist permanently except as energy.

In Zen, the only permanent is impermanence as energy cannot be created 
nor destroyed just transformed into different forms of energy.

What were you before you were born? a Zen master asked.

A thought, the by-product of energy.



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