[extropy-chat] The Lunar Eclipse night of 3-4 March ...

Alex Ramonsky alex at ramonsky.com
Mon Mar 5 11:46:42 UTC 2007

Our lot filmed it too, have rarely seen such a clear night in the UK! We 
got some lovely stills and 2 videos. I'll put them online when I get the 
camera back, but the others are currently busy editing ET into the 
footage  :  )

Amara Graps wrote:

>.. was glorious!
>Here: An amateur German astronomy group with professional pictures,
>"Live" from the event:
>My small experiment with a "Canon Powershot" digital camera (heh!)
>Compare an image from the folks with the professional equipment:
>with an image from my handy digital that is not designed for such photography
>Ok, you laugh, but at least the lunar maria is correct, true?
>Samantha, now I know what all of those settings do.  :-)
>Did any of you see it? The professional and amateur astronomy groups are
>always aware about things like this, but there was no indication that
>anyone in my town was aware about it. I almost never watch TV, so I
>don't know if it was a TV news item.
>In total I've seen four lunar eclipses from my flat in my town, 4 x
>4 hours = 16 hours of eclipsing, with people walking around below my
>apartment building, and with 100 other apartments with terraces looking
>in the same direction as mine, and I never saw a single person looking
>UP or from their terraces at the glorious spectacle of the eclipsed Moon
>occurring over their heads. How difficult can it be to look at the Moon?
>I'm a misfit here.

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