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A B austriaaugust at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 00:32:08 UTC 2007

Hi John,

I'm not claiming that this is the answer, but one can
attach some fun probabilities to the idea.

If you imagine the "condition" of nothingness where
there is no space, time, laws of physics, or laws of
logic, then there is no inconsistency in suggesting
that something can arise out of nothing at all. A
question to follow is, "Well okay, so it would be
*possible* for something to arise from nothing, but
why should it? Why wouldn't it just remain as

If you imagine nothingness as a describable condition,
where not a single entity of any sort can exist
(incidentally, this single description even if
mathematical would be infinitely long) then that
particular condition of nothing can be ascribed the
value of 1, and only 1. (1 particular condition from
the infinite set of all possible conditions).

If you also assign a value of 1 to each possible
starting condition (where something does arise from
nothing) then the sum total value of all possible
conditions is infinity. (The full description of any
one of these starting conditions could be very short,
possibly equaling only 1 place value). 

That creates a ratio of 1 : Infinity (Infinity - 1),
where the 1 favors that nothing will remain as
nothing, and the infinity favors that nothing will
transition to something. As we all know, any finite
number divided by infinity equals zero. This suggests
that the probability that nothing would remain nothing
is zero, and the probability that nothing would
transition is infinite, or 100% if you prefer. :-) 

This suggests to me that something has existed (and
nothingness has ceased to exist) for as long as time
has existed, but does not necessarily insist that
nothingness has never existed at all. My poor guess is
that the first "something" was the birth of the first
Universe of the Multiverse. That's the way it works in
my loopy mind, anyway. No matter what the case, I
think there is a kernel of potential for science to
fully explain this eventually.

Best Wishes,

Jeffrey Herrlich   

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