[extropy-chat] The meme of transhumanism

citta437 at aol.com citta437 at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 15:23:54 UTC 2007

"> gts: "All evolution, from the physical and biological to the mental 
> cultural, can then be seen as a single contiguous process involving 
> growth of knowledge."
> Me: I agree seen in that perspective. Some knowledge like beliefs and
> dogmas remain in a state of potent energy which can lead to entropy
> instead of extropy.

"Sorry, I have no idea what that means, either."

My reply : Memes/knowledge behave like genes according to Richard 
Dawkins in that both processes involved replication.

The former{meme/knowledge} revolves around the world inhabiting the 
minds prone to infection of such ideas; during that process some ideas 
are replicated/tested as the case maybe.
Transhumanism is a meme yet to be tested in the world of ideas to see 
if it works to liberate the mind from psychological stress. If this 
meme's objective is extropy, why does it proclaims itself as absolutely 
infallible in connection with science when the latter does not claim 
absolute infallibility?

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