[extropy-chat] The Uncertainty Principle in Zen

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Mon Mar 5 16:30:10 UTC 2007

Below is a part of a message from yesterday's post by someone:

"So, as you can see, it is a typical 'Zen' scenario,
and it is not easy to be completely 'aware' of the UP,
since it is more misanthropic than anthropic."

My reply: Thanks for your comprehensive analysis of the issue arising 
 from the anthropic and misanthropic application of the Uncertainty 

In Zen, training the mind to be aware of the dualism between self and 
no-self is a test of the Uncertainty Principle/randomness which is the 
essential teaching of "Emptiness" as a state of possibility.

Thoughts and desires arise from the mind and this lead to psychological 
stress only when the self sees the mind as the sole arbiter of truth.

I see why the practice of awareness cannot be completely misanthropic 
due to the difficulty of some practitioner's pattern of anthropic 

Some schools of Zen Buddhism use Koans to brake this pattern but others 
rely completely on meditation to clear the mind while some Mahayanists 
school advocate the Bodhisattva ideal to address suffering by dealing 
directly with it with no concern about the certainty or uncertainty 
{presumptions}of future results.

When dealing with the psyche, think non-thinking according to my Zen 
master. This suggestion is compatible with doing away the anthropic way 
of thinking.


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