[extropy-chat] greenpeace doesn't like ethanol either

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 8 23:32:12 UTC 2007

This news item


contained this comment:

"Fearing that Brazil may clear pristine jungle to increase sugarcane
cultivation for ethanol, Greenpeace activists hung a huge banner warning
against increased reliance on ethanol as an alternative fuel."

I wasn't aware that Greenpeace (of all people) were against ethanol from
sugar cane.  OK so let's see, I can almost make a poem out of it:

They don't like oil, 
they don't like coal, 
oh god, no nukes, 
and no ethanol.

With photovoltaics 
Don't pave the land,
Windmills slay birds,
Just reduce power demand.

OK so I'm no poet, but for crying out loud, do these folks have a
suggestion?  Are there any power sources they endorse?  Are we to simply
die?  That would reduce power demand, but somehow that solution lacks



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