[extropy-chat] 300 and the Gates of Fire

Russell Wallace russell.wallace at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 07:31:26 UTC 2007

On 3/11/07, Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote:
> And *ALSO* moral from the point of view of their culture and their
> civilization
> (pace BillK's comments).  Perhaps like Damien, I am annoyed at the
> failure here to mention that it isn't *just* from the point of view of the
> genes.
> (It's even moral from my own well-integrated individualist ethos.)
> Any society or group or nation or band or tribe that wants to keep on
> existing  had better be able to affirm LOUDLY and without qualification
> that acting in behalf of said group is moral.  Evolution makes short work
> of any group that doesn't affirm this.  Sadly, this applies to almost
> every
> single group of which I am a member :-(        :-(       :-(

Well put!
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