[extropy-chat] 300 and the Gates of Fire

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Wed Mar 14 03:35:35 UTC 2007

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> Subject: [extropy-chat] 300 and the Gates of Fire
> Keith:
> >"Knowing the likely outcome of the battle, Leonidas selected his men on
> one
> >simple criterion: he took only men who had fathered sons that were old
> >enough to take over the family responsibilities of their fathers.
> That might not be the truth, however (according to another source).
> Leonidas might have chosen the particular 300 because of the _mothers_
> of the 300 ... :-)
> Amara

Perhaps the story influenced or was influenced by the account of Gideon, who
chose 300 guys to fight a skerjillion Midionites.  Read all about it in
Judges chapter 7.  The Gideons won, then went around afterwards leaving
bibles in hotel rooms.  I figure we should stage the Midionites revenge: go
around leaving porno in church pews or something.


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